God’s Word – We believe that the truth presented in the Bible and applied by the Holy Spirit is the only source of spiritual transformation. (Ref: 2 Timothy 3:16)
What this means: It is not by our human efforts or our man made programs, or the appearance of our facilities that lives are transformed – it is by maintaining tight focus on the Word of God, and the Work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s people.
Cultural Relevance – We believe that innovation and creativity are two key attributes that allow us to best communicate to the lost the timeless, unchangeable truths of the Bible. (Reference: 1st Corinthians 9:19-23)
What this means: We do not continue to try to ‘hang on to’ modes of ministry which, though comfortable for us, are no longer fruitful in accomplishing the mission. We embrace, like Paul, ‘whatever it takes’ that the timeless gospel may be delivered in such a way as to ‘save some today.’ Caution: we do not mimic or cross over into the worldly culture . . . we do not seek to entertain . . . but seek to connect and communicate in a language that works for today’s lost generation.
Acceptance – We believe that an atmosphere of grace and acceptance in the spirit of love frees people to grow and serve. Acceptance does not mean that we condone sinful behaviors, but rather accept people where they are at when they enter our ministry with the hope of leading them toward to Christ and to a life that is regenerated and restored. (Reference: John 8:3-11)
What this means: We do not turn away today’s generation of lepers, prostitutes, or tax-collectors, and instead work on loving them into surrendering their lives to the King of Kings, and allowing transformation by the Holy Spirit to occur.
Authentic Relationships – We believe that loving, open, honest, and vulnerable relationships should permeate every aspect of our ministry. We believe that healthy small groups are the best environment for developing these relationships and promoting individual spiritual growth. (Reference: Acts 2:42-47)
What this means: We do not cling to ‘church must happen here’ and we encourage spiritual formation in homes, businesses, coffee shops. We also expect that people will not fully grow in spirit or be able to be mentored outside of belonging to a small group, and so encourage all to consider being part of a small gathering of disciples. It means we aspire to authentic – transparent – accountable relationships – not just ‘looks good on the outside.’ We encourage investment in relationships, not in programs and gimmicks.
Gift-Based Ministry – We believe that God has uniquely created and gifted each believer for serving the Body of Christ. When people serve within their gifting, they serve with joy and passion, and make the greatest difference for God’s Kingdom.(Reference: Romans 12:6-8)
What this means: Ministries are sparked by individual gifting, calling, and passion – not by committee and then seeking candidates to work the ministry. Calling > Minister > Birth of Ministry.
Reaching Out – We believe that as followers of Christ, we are called forth into the world, to connect with and deliver good news to those now living in darkness. We believe that our mission and ministry need to regularly take us out into the world, as individuals, as small groups and work teams, and as a body of Christ, to impact our world for Christ. Reaching out invites us to regularly ask the question: “Who, outside of our church walls, are we now impacting for Christ?” (Reference: Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8)
What this means: rather than turning inward and focusing on ourselves, our comfort and security as a family in Christ, we turn outward and focus on going out to connect with people who are currently outside the gates of the Kingdom of God.