Pete’s Pantry

We, also looking beyond our walls and wanting to bless the community in which we live and serve, have opened a food pantry.  it’s called Pete’s Pantry, and it’s somewhat of a mystery as to whether Pete is the Peter of the Bible, who was in charge of the first church of Jerusalem, where many poor people were being fed, or whether Pete is the pioneer and champion of this local ministry, a good man who went on to be with the Lord some years back.
In any case, we have a loving and caring food pantry, where people who need food to eat are treated as beloved children of God, and not as a number.  Anyone who does not have sufficient food to eat, and are members of the Franklin County community are welcome to come to us, and receive plenty of good, wholesome food.
For those who need a little help with food, the rules are fairly simple:
You must be living in Franklin county (if not, we can direct you to a pantry in your community)
You need to fill out two simple forms, a ‘declaration of need’ and a ‘household registration.’  We can help you fill these out.  You will need proof of residency, and of income.
You are only allowed to receive food once per month.
The Food Pantry is open Mondays and Wednesdays weekly, and one Saturday per month.
So, if you need food – or if you like to serve those who do need food with a loving, generous non-judgmental spirit, this ministry may be for you!