Spiritual Leadership Ministry

Like any organization, the church needs leadership.  Much of the leadership at Salem revolves around the pastors and staff, but for a church to be vibrant, and active, and fruitful, a lot of leadership is needed.
And so, we have the ‘spiritual leadership ministry.’  This active ministry expands the circle of leadership beyond just the pastors and staff at Salem, to a group of motivated lay-people (not clergy) who can provide some spiritual support and guidance to those who need it.
Within this ministry, there are two teams: the deacon team, and the prayer team.  Both consist of spiritual mature individuals who have exemplified in their own lives the ‘Christ life’, the life of following Jesus well.
The deacons provide encouragement and prayer support to our ministry team leaders.  They are also asked to be regular encouragers and visitors to our population of widows and widowers.  Should conflict ever arise in the church, the deacons work with disaffected parties to try to restore peace and love within the heart of the church.  And when there are people in need, the deacons work to provide relief funds to individuals and families who are going through a difficult season of life.  The deacons also comprise the nominating committee to nominate called and gifted individuals to take on leadership roles within the church.
The ‘Prayer Team’ is also a part of the Spiritual Leadership Ministry.  Members of our prayer team pray for the church regularly.  They schedule several events annually to call the larger body of the church to pray.  They ensure that the pastors and staff are being prayed for, and that our worship services are bathed in prayer, so that people’s lives are genuinely touched by the Lord.
If you are attracted to the more spiritual side of the inner workings of the church, this may be a ministry you would like to consider for your part in serving Christ!