Adult Sunday School/Small Groups

Jesus calls each of us to follow Him on a journey of faith through which we become more and more like Him in our beliefs, character, and actions. Salem’s Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry provides opportunities for adults to understand where they are on their journey of faith and ways to take the next steps in becoming like Jesus. We do that through our discipleship process, which is organized simply around four words: KNOW, GROW, SERVE, SHARE.
First, we need to KNOW Christ personally be receiving him as our forgiver, submitting to him as the leader of our life, and attending worship with a church family each week. Then we need to GROW in our relationship with Christ through prayer and personal Bible reading, but also through interactions with other Christians through mentoring relationships and/or in small groups. Salem provides these opportunities through our adult Sunday School classes, which meet at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings, our adult growth groups, which meet at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings, September through April, women’s mentor groups, which meet monthly in women’s homes at various times, and one-on-one discipleship relationships. We would love to help you find a small group that is right for where you are on your spiritual journey.
Christ also calls us to SERVE him as he came “not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28). Salem’s Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry helps people to understand how God has uniquely designed and gifted them with special passions, gifts, abilities, and personalities in order for them to serve him. Once people discover their unique design, we help link them to ministries at church and in the community where they will enjoy and be most effective in ministry.

Finally Jesus calls us to tell people about him. At Salem, we call that SHARing Christ with others. Our Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry helps people understand this call and share Jesus with their friends, coworkers, family members and neighbors in ways that seem natural to who God has created them to be.

At Salem, we place a strong emphasis on the spiritual formation of adults because we believe that when someone comes to KNOW Christ as Savior and is consistently attending worship, is GROWing in Christ through personal prayer and Bible reading, is SERVing Christ with their time and abilities, and SHARing Christ with their friends and acquaintances, then they are well on their way to becoming all God desires for them to be as a follower of Christ.
Sunday Mornings, 9:30 AM
Adult Growth Groups – September – April
Digging Deeper
Teacher: Varies
Class Size: 10 – 15
Format: Bible or book study, group discussion
Studying Now: Onward
Teacher: Dale Appleby
Class Size: 15 – 20
Format: Bible study, interactive discussion
Studying Now: Answers in Genesis
God’s Glorifiers
Teachers: Rodney Widney
Class Size: 30 – 40
Format: Bible study, discussion-oriented
Studying Now: Genesis
Christ’s Ambassadors
Teachers: Rotating weekly schedule
Class Size: 30 – 40
Format: Hymn, Prayer, Bible Study
Studying Now: “Bible-in-life” Quarterly
Teacher: Pam Poper
Class Size: 8 – 12
Format: Bible study, discussion-oriented
Studying Now: What Keeps You Up At Night
Steps Of Faith
Teacher: Pastor Art & Tom Reardon
Class Size: 8 – 12
Format: Application- oriented Bible-based teaching
?Studying Now: Gospel of Mark
Prayer Group
Join together in worship and prayer, bringing the requests submitted by members of our church before the Lord.
Led by Jody Diehl