Hi-My name is Art and I am the senior pastor guy at Salem UB Church.  As you can see from my picture (coming soon), I’ve been around the block a few times and have lots of stories to tell-about real life.
Speaking of ‘real’, a few years back, someone gave me a little book called ‘One Word That Will Change Your Life.’  My word-my life word-has become ‘real.’  People tell me I am very ‘real.’  And so far as the church is concerned, my passion is to help us be ‘real’ about the life of faith-of following Jesus.
Let’s face it…there are plenty of posers, and religious hypocrites out there, always have been.  My passion is to see the beauty of Christ in the church, and in our people, because we are REAL.  Real with each other-not putting on a pretty face for just a few moments on Sunday.  Real invested in one another, and in the journey with Christ.  Real (honest) about our challenges and shortcomings.  In a word, REAL!  Being ‘real’ is a real passion of mine!
Just a bit more about me…I’m a late bloomer.  I came to faith later in life, so I have a little different take on what it means to follow Christ than some who have been in the race since early childhood.  I have lived life to the full-both with Christ, and before that, without Him.  So I know the difference real faith in Christ makes.  I have a great, weird, real family.  A beautiful wife, whom I fell in love with in high school, and married some years later.  Four children, two older ones by birth, now happily married, and two younger ones by adoption, who are either keeping us young or making us old, depending on the day.
For many years I worked in the industry as an engineer, and engineering manager.  Turning to Christ in my mid-30’s, I began rapidly learning to follow Him; mission trips, lay speaking, sponsoring children overseas, then seminary (MDiv, Northeastern Seminary), and the pastorate.  Salem is the third church I have served, and I have been here for 12 years now.
Hobbies:  Anything with motors!  Motorcycles.  Motorcars.  Lawn mowers.  i love reading books, especially historical fiction novels.  I love to travel, and have been to some parts of Europe, some parts of Central America, and also the Holy Land, Israel.  I like to stay fit and in shape, by lifting weights and wiggling.  (I never can sit still long!  Funny how some things never change!)  I also love watching movies with the newest members of our family, Vladimir and Dima.  We watch all kinds.  You’ll hear about some of them during the sermons I preach.  Enough about me.  Tell me about YOU!  I want to know….


Hi! I’m so glad you are interested in finding out about what God is doing here at Salem UB Church and who God has chosen to serve here.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I grew up in a small town in northwest Indiana in a faithful church-going family where there were plenty of opportunities to hear about Christ.  I came to faith early in life and made a public profession of faith following summer camp when I was 13 years old.  As a child, I was interested in design, played with legos all the time, and always envisioned my future self as an architect.  I was headed that direction in high school, taking drafting classes as electives, when God impressed on my heart that He wanted me to help people through my future vocation (in other ways than designing houses for them).
So, I went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI and began studying social work.  While taking a month-long course on 3rd world development in Honduras, God impressed on me that while the temporal physical needs of many are great, He was calling me to help address the eternal spiritual needs of people.  So, I switched my course of study, earning a B.A. in sociology and taking courses to prepare me for further ministry training.
While in college I met a beautiful and incredible young woman named Julie.  After dating for three years we were married the summer after college and moved to Nashville, TN.  There I was blessed to work for a social service agency, offering small groups and community service opportunities to immigrant and refugee teens in a local middle school and high school.  Though that was a good experience, I was still limited in my ability to address the spiritual needs of people.  So, Julie and I moved to Dallas, TX, where I attended Dallas Theological Seminary, earning a Master of Theology degree in pastoral leadership.
In May of 2007 Julie and I moved to Chambersburg, PA and I started my work as associate pastor here at Salem.  Our first child was born 2 months later.  The last 10 years have been wonderfully fulfilling both in my role as pastor and as father.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many newcomers to our church and helping them become a part of our faith family – -learning what it means to follow Christ and make a difference in this world for Him.  And, I love being a dad to my two daughters (ages 10 & 7) and twin sons (age 4).  We are a family who gets outside together as often as possible-riding bikes, playing at parks, hiking, and kayaking.  I also enjoy singing and acting when I get a chance.



Youth Pastor, Director of Children & Youth
Daryl (a.k.a. “Slugg”) directs our high-energy, ever-growing ministry to youth to Build Youth 4 Christ.  He recruits, trains, and encourages adult volunteers to lead youth into maturity in Christ in God’s high-energy, ever-growing youth ministry at Salem.
Our purpose here at One Way Youth Ministry is this:  “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”  (1Timothy 4:12)
Slugg and his wife Mindy live in nearby Chambersburg with their son Brandon and daughter Ashley.  They love spending time with family, going to the beach, sporting events, camping, and hanging out with friends.
Slugg has been attending Salem since 2003 and has been on staff full time since March 18, 2007.
Some things Slugg would like to share with you – our internet friend:
  • I thank GOD every day for loving us, not giving up on us, and most importantly having His Son die for us on the cross for our sins         and calling us His children.
  • I believe that life is a blessing and that God has blessed us with family, friends, and this thing called laughter to get us through           each day until the day He returns to take us home.
  • I try to follow a simple instruction in my personnel life as well as a Youth Pastor for God and it goes like this…my order of priorities:     “GOD-FAMILY-CHURCH”
  • By living by this simple instruction of GOD-FAMILY-CHURCH and implementing it here at One Way Youth Ministry we will remain         healthy as His servants, love our families that God has given us, invest into our youth with His WORD within His Church so we can       GO (and receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us); and we can be His witnesses in our own home town, and to the ends of       the earth.
Many blessings to you all.

Jeana Wilmot

Jeana Wilmot has been the Salem Office Manager since February 2000.   She handles the day to day office duties, facility & vehicle rentals, bookkeeping, bulletin assembly and any other miscellaneous duties that come her way.  Jeana has served in a variety of ministries at the church, and has the record of longest service ever by any church staff member!  She is also the official secretary for our Administrative Board, and keeper of church records and history.
Jeana grew up in Florida and Georgia, but has lived in Franklin County most of her adult life.  She has been married to Tim, a Marine helicopter pilot and Assistant District Attorney for Franklin County since 1985.  Tim and Jeana have three young adult children, Joey, a school teacher in New Jersey, Steven, a maintenance technician at Menno Haven, and Abigail, a college student and Lacrosse champion!
Interesting fact about Jeana: Because of her husband’s military service, she has attended three different colleges along the way!
Jeana enjoys traveling with her family, reading mystery novels, attending lacrosse matches, & going to the gym with her husband, Tim.