Ignition: Our Post High School Ministry

Studies suggest that holding onto young people in the church, once they graduate from high school, is very challenging.
So, at Salem, we offer IGNITION; our post high school, young adult ministry for young people to connect with others at their own age and stage.  This is a great group for those living in the in between years; maybe college years, maybe early career years, but definitely no longer a kid in high school, nor ‘married with kids’!
Ignition is led by Pam Poper, who is young at heart and connects easily with our young adults.  They have meaningful times of study on Sunday mornings, and have outings throughout the year to just have fun and socialize and connect as brothers and sisters in Christ – outside the church!
If you are out of high school, and don’t feel comfortable to join the ‘old folks’ (mostly 30+) in study groups, Ignition may be a great place to connect.  it is designed for those who are out of high school, up through early twenties.  Check it out!